Summary of Benefits

As of July 1, 2016

ANNUAL VACATION LEAVE 0 thru 59 months = 10 days per year
5 thru 9 years = 15 days per year
10 thru 14 years = 17 days per year
15 thru 19 years = 19 days per year
20 thru 24 years = 21 days per year
25 years +  = 23 days per yearAll employees can carry over from one calendar year to the next, as follows:
0-59 months of service = 240 hours carryover
5 + years of service = 360 hours carryover
ANNUAL SICK LEAVE Earn 12 days per year; all employees can carry over from one calendar year to the next: 880 hours, paid 20% of all hours over 880 each calendar year.
BEREAVEMENT LEAVE Twenty-four (24) hours per calendar year; no annual carryover provision; not charged to accrued leave balance.
HOLIDAYS TOTAL of 11 holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & one (1) employee discretionary day.
UNIFORMS Uniforms and cleaning provided for designated positions.
BASIC LIFE INSURANCE $3000 – no cost to employee (less than 70 yrs old); $1500 – no cost to employee (70+ yrs old). Available to those covered under health and/or dental.
OPTIONAL LIFE INSURANCE Up to $500,000 coverage. Premium based on age and coverage level. Paid by employee.
DEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE-SPOUSE Up to $100,000 coverage. Premium based on employee’s age, paid by employee.
DEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE-CHILD $15,000 coverage on each child. $1.10/mos regardless of number of children. Paid by employee.
WORKER’S COMP INSURANCE Provided by BJWSA through State Accident Fund.
BASIC LONG TERM DISABILITY 90 day waiting period, 62.5% of gross adjusted wages, premium paid by BJWSA. Available to those covered under the State Health Plan.
SUPPLEMENTAL LONG TERM DISABILITY 65% of gross adjusted wages, 90 or 180 waiting period, premium paid by employee.
AFLAC INSURANCE Various types of voluntary policies, paid by employee via payroll deduction.
EYEMED VISION CARE The state of South Carolina offers affordable supplemental vision care insurance; paid by employee via payroll deduction.
IMMUNIZATIONS Provided, paid by BJWSA, voluntary. (Flu, Tetanus, Hepatitis B)
YMCA/OMNI MEMBERSHIP No initial joining fee. Monthly dues paid by employee via payroll deduction.
HEALTH SCREENING Provided annually, voluntary, basic screening components paid by BJWSA.

PLAN: Standard Plan

Monthly Cost to Employee:
Emp Only $97.68
Emp/Spouse $253.36
Emp/Children $143.86
Family $306.56
Premiums may be pre-taxed; annual deductible $445/ea or $890/family; Coverage 80% of allowable charges; 31 day supply prescriptions: $9 generic/$38 preferred/$63 non-preferred.

PLAN: Health Savings Plan

Monthly Cost to Employee:
Emp Only $9.70
Emp/Spouse $77.40
Emp/Children $20.48
Family $113.00
Premiums are pre-taxed; annual deductible $3600/ea or $7200/family – no per occurrence deductible. Coverage 80% of allowable charges.
 * A surcharge will apply to tobacco users.


Monthly Cost:

Dental Plus
Emp Only $0.00 $25.96
Emp/Spouse $7.64 $52.46
Emp/Children $13.72 $60.50
Family $21.34 $78.60
Deductible $25/ea, coverage varies on type of service, preventive covered at 100% of allowable charges.
  1. Pre-tax insurance premiums – For eligible insurance participants, pre tax program, (pledged and funded by employee)
  2. Dependent day care – child or adult, (pledged and funded by employee)
  3. Medical Spending – medical, vision, dental expenses (pledged and funded by employee)
RETIREMENT (Mandatory) South Carolina Retirement System; Employee contribution 8.66%; Employer contribution 11.56% (includes group life). After 12 months employment, death benefit payment equal to one year’s pay upon death of an active employee.
DEFERRED COMPENSATION Offered by SC Deferred Compensation Program; funded by employee; BJWSA contributes up to $1,000 (based on tenure) per calendar year to 401K plan for eligible employees. Plans available: 401(k), 457, ROTH 401(k), ROTH 457.
TRAINING & EDUCATION Funded training for job related training offered/required by BJWSA; Tuition reimbursement for college or technical courses related to the job as specified in the Employee Handbook.
PAY METHOD Direct Deposit, paid every other Friday into the bank(s) of your choice.
   For additional information, contact BJWSA’s Benefits Administrator at (843) 987-8074.