Disinfection and Chemicals

As part of the treatment process, BJWSA adds a disinfectant to drinking water. This disinfectant, chloramines, makes water safe for human consumption. Chloramines are toxic to fish and some other aquatic animals. If you use tap water for your aquarium or fish pond, the water must be treated to remove the chloramines. Local pet stores sell many treatments, dechlorinators, and conditioners. Some remove only chlorine. Some remove chlorine and chloramines. Some don’t mention either. Be sure to read the label and verify that the product removes chloramines.

Water Quality

This chart shows annual average water quality parameters that may help you manage your aquarium or pond water.
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BJWSA water temperature varies seasonally. The temperature difference between tap water and your aquarium may shock the fish. Be sure to let water reach ambient temperature before adding it to your aquarium or pond. Let new fish acclimate in the bag before releasing them.


Naval Burials

If one of your fish friends reaches the end of a long, happy life and goes to the big aquarium in the sky, it is safe to flush a fish down the toilet. The remains of your beloved aquatic pet will be treated with dignity at one of our award-winning wastewater treatment facilities.