Understanding Your Bill

Sample BJWSA Bill

1.    The customer number is a permanent number that follows you if you relocate within our service area.

2.    The account number is assigned to the service location. Use this number when contacting us.

3.    The date that the bill is calculated.

4.    The date that your payment is due.

5.    The service for which the meter details are showing (i.e. water and sewer or irrigation).

6.    Your meter number.

7.    The end date and end reading from the previous reading period.

8.    The end date and reading from the current billing period.

9.    The ending read date for the current billing period and the previous 12 billing periods.

10.    The number of days in the billing period for the current period and the previous 12 periods.

11.    Your usage in gallons for the current billing period and the previous billing periods. 

12.    This section contains your previous balance and any charges/credits since your prior billing statement and before your current charges.

13.    This section represents the current charges for all meters at this customer number.

14.    Read this section for important messages from BJWSA.

15.    In order to remain cost effective, BJWSA utilizes a secure lockbox to process the payments for our nearly 50,000 customers. Please send your stub in with your payment to ensure timely processing.